Monday, November 9, 2009

My Bridal Shower Invitations!

Like I mentioned in my last post, my best friend is A-MA-ZING! Completely.

I'm having two bridal showers. One in Louisville, for my family members. And one in Nashville for friends. My best friend Kelly has pretty much planned the whole thing for the Nashville shower. I know she has gotten some input from my sister, my maid of honor. But for the most of it, she's done it. I just got my invitation today.

She wouldn't tell me anything about it. She told me that she got stuff to make it, one day. Then a week or so later she said she was picking them up! I was so confused. But now I see how amazing she is!

LIME GREEN ENVELOPES!!! She's so good. Notice that the stamp is purple! Oh, and she has great handwriting! So lovely,

PURPLE! She's so good. See the orchid at the top? It goes with the orchid in our picture! LOVE it! (Photos taken by my sister, Hannah)

It's kinda hard to read the poem from this pic, so here it is:

The dress is bought, the church reserved,
Sarah's getting married, haven't you heard?
The flowers are exquisite; the cake is divine.
Can we reign Sarah and Mom in,
before they spend Daddy's last dime?
The date is approaching, so now it is time
To shower some gifts on this blushing Bride!

Poem written by my A-MA-ZING bestie!!

THANK YOU KELLY!!! I love you so much!

Much Love,

Wedding Timeline

I have been browsing lots and lots of wedding websites and blogs this week. I started out on and found a forum post about DIY stuff. So I read the whole thread and looked at every person's profile or website. Which is how I ended up finding some really awesome sites!

As I was surfing through all of these amazing websites, I kept seeing wedding timelines. 5 months to go, a year to go, etc. And it made me realize. I am planning this wedding VERY quickly! Which is kinda really stressful! I have 2 months and one week to go! And compared to other brides or I should have much more done than I do. With what I have done already, for my sanity, I should be at the 4-6 months range. Not the 2 month range!! Oy. I must be crazy.

Thankfully, I have amazing people helping me. My mom has gone with me several Saturdays to buy stuff that we need. She has been working on stuff during the week, sometimes even at her office! (SHH! Don't tell anyone!) My sister has been helpful too. She works a lot, but when I'm in town she goes with me places. Yesterday we went to David's Bridal for my fitting. She was great. I was in a lot of pain because I hurt my knee last week. She held my hands and let me lean on her while I was standing still for the alteration lady. What would I do without my sissiter?! (No that is not a spelling mistake!)

And last, but DEFINITELY not least, my bestie Kelly. She is so amazing. She has planned my bridal shower pretty much all by herself. And she lives 5 hours away! I live an hour away from where my wedding is, so it's been hard for me to do stuff. But she is amazing. I pretty much gave her free reign on the shower and bachelorette party. She's not telling me ANYTHING! I'm hoping I get my invite in the mail tomorrow. She told me she mailed them Saturday and my mom and sister have already gotten their's! (I think my mailman is hiding my mail though... That's for another day.)

I am very thankful for these amazing women in my life. I honestly wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for them.

Much Love,

Friday, November 6, 2009

Last Weekend

Here is my late update from last weekend. We did so much shopping!! I'm mostly just posting pictures though. Please feel free to comment!!!

This isn't the greatest pic, but this is where the ceremony will be.

I totally stole this idea (and pic!) from my friend Megan, but I want to do the tulle and lights from the ceiling like this pic, but for the ceremony.

We will be hanging paper lanterns like this for the indoor reception. (See following pics for exact colors)


This will be what we do for half of the centerpieces, although we are using different flowers. We have everything we need for them, except the lime slices. And we are buying fake ones! LOL!

I kinda like this idea for the other centerpieces. But not sure. I need ideas for that!!!

We are using this stuff to make an arrangement for the guest book table.

I bought these to go in my bouquet. I already have purple flowers for mine. I don't have ANY flowers for the bridesmaids... EEK!

Flower girl basket. SO pretty!

Place cards for bridal party and important family members. (Sorry about the lighting)

This will be inside the vases for the centerpieces. So the green foam doesn't show.

We will sprinkle these on the tables. (My dad loves them! LOL!)

I already had dark purple flower petals, but I wanted some green ones too. I found them!

Each table will have 4 candles on it.

Part of the favors

The green foam for the centerpieces. Hehe.

RIBBONS! We are using these on the bubbles and the favors.


My guest book. I will probably put something on the front to personalize it.

Some thank you cards for my upcoming bridal showers!! I can't WAIT!


BUBBLES WITH RIBBONS!!! My mom cut the ribbons and Matthew and I tied them on. (We used mini glue dots to keep them in place!)

I was playing around with my Paint Shop Pro Photo XI a couple of months ago. I came up with this monogram. But I don't know what to use it on!! I really love it though. Ideas??

So that's most of what we got. I also bought my shoes for the ceremony, but they are being dyed. So I will post pics of them when I get them. And my first dress fitting is this Sunday! I am SO excited!!

Well, there is more to come later. Keep in touch!

Much Love,