Friday, December 11, 2009

Bridal Shower #2!

I was completely overwhelmed with the love and details that went into my bridal shower. My best friend Kelly did so good. I love her so much! No detail was too small.

Gift table

Each table's centerpiece was different.

Cupcake and drink table

Cupcakes that Kelly MADE!

Food buffet

Yummy food.

Kelly personalized picture frames for me! (The flowers)

More yummy food!

Kelly and her mom. THANK YOU for everything!!

Like I said, YUMMY!

We played the purse scavenger hunt game. I literally only had 5 things in my purse! (special small purse just for the shower. If I had known we were playing this game, I would have brought my HUGE one! LOL!)

But that's ok. Falon won the scavenger hunt game!

We also played a Price is Right game. Kelly had bought everything I needed to make a spaghetti dinner, including garlic bread and dessert. We had to guess how much it all cost (before tax). The closest one without going over, won. I said $12. Jami said $11. It was $11.43! LOL! But I got to keep the food.

The awesome favors. From Oriental Trading. I got to keep all the extras.

My best friends! Kelly and my sister. Kelly is handing Hannah a cute little wedding journal that she had put a pearl "S" on the front for me. Hannah used this to write down all the gifts I received.

Me and my best friend Karen. She's engaged too!!

Me and my sissy! I love her!

My sister, my mom, and I, holding my FAVE gift. It is a wooden plaque that says "Sarah & Matthew" and over that it says "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. -Joshua 24:15" LOVE IT!

My BEST friend and me. I don't know what I'd do without her.

Like I said. No detail was too small. They used a LIME GREEN (one of our wedding colors) blanket to cover up the random stuff in the corner! Hehehe. Love it.

I am so so SO blessed to have friends like these. I thank God for them!

Much Love,

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Drama Drama Drama!

At the beginning of this week, my mom and I ordered quite a bit of items for the wedding. Paper lanterns, fake lime slices (for the centerpieces), card box, toasting flutes, and an aisle runner.

Long story short. We got TWELVE aisle runners!

(This is just one!)

One of the toasting flutes was BROKEN! Not to mention you can't even read the personalization!


But the cake box and lime slices are perfect!



Much Love,

Bridal Shower!

Last weekend was my first bridal shower! It was so much fun. It was in Louisville KY, and only for family. My Aunt Brenda and my sister planned it. (Mostly Aunt Brenda!) They did an amazing job! There was purple EVERYWHERE!!!





Bride-to-Be (not that fond of this pic!)

From L to R: Katie, my sister Hannah, my Aunt Brenda, Grandma, Mom, me. Family love!!

Great times! There is MORE TO COME!!

Much Love,