Saturday, October 31, 2009

Shopping, Shopping, and MORE Shopping!!

My mom and I have had so much fun this weekend! We have been to 7-10 stores (I lost count!) looking for decorations, flowers, bubbles, ribbons, etc things needed for the wedding. We have priced food, since we are doing all of that ourselves. We bought ingredients to make purple punch so we can try it. We have bought many many things! There are bags all over the place at my parents' house! Hehe. It is going to be great. We have found even more things online that we will be ordering in the next few weeks. Tomorrow, after church, we are going to go try some cupcakes. We are having those instead of a cake. The bakery will arrange them in the shape of a wedding cake. Even free delivery!!

In other news, MY DRESS IS IN!!! They told me that it wouldn't be in the store until CHRISTMAS!! But it's here, less than a month after I ordered it! I am so excited. I haven't seen it, even though I was at David's Bridal today. My sister and I went to order shoes, because we are getting them dyed to match her dress. While we were there they told us that both of our dresses were there! So we got her's and she tried it on to make sure it fit. (It does!) I have an alterations appointment next weekend, so I left mine there. But I can't wait to try it on again! YAY!

Well, I have to go to bed, but the next time I post, I am going to post some idea pics so I can get some opinions/suggestions. Stay tuned!

Much Love,

Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekend Planning

I'm so excited! I am going to my parents house for the weekend to work on wedding stuff with my mom. We have a whole list of stuff to do. YAY! We are going to work on centerpieces, programs, invites, veil, favors, flowers, food, etc, etc, etc. I'm hoping we can go to the cupcake place to try some flavors and maybe find a dress for my mom. 

Much Love,

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I found my DRESS!!

This weekend was amazing. First of all, my best friend of 11 years, Kelly drove down from Indianapolis to see me!! YAY! It was the longest time we have spent together since my sister and I went to visit her 3 1/2 years ago! Much needed time together.

On Saturday me, my mom, my sister Hannah, my best friend Kelly, my best friend Karen, and my sister's roommate Rachel all went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel. It was fun.

After breakfast, we went to a small bridal shop that is going out of business. I think we figured out why they are going out of business. They were not very helpful or nice for that matter. They were rushing me. I had even made an appointment with them!! The first lady went to a dress and said "Oh, this will definitely fit you." It was about 3 sizes too small. I looked at her and said "No, it won't. I need a bigger size" They only had ONE dress in my size. So we left and went to David's Bridal!


We found my sister (my Maid of Honor) Hannah a dress too!

It was great. After DB's, we had lunch and then headed to Michael's to look for wedding stuff. We bought some flowers for the centerpieces. We are doing half of them one way, and half another way. (Haven't figured out the 2nd way though...) We also bought one vase for the flowers. I had been looking all over the place for them! And my amazing Kelly found them! When we were in the check out, the lady in front of my mom gave her a coupon for 40% off of one item. Which made the vase $6.54. My mom made 2 transactions (keeping wedding stuff seperate from other stuff), I had one, and Kelly had one. We EACH got one coupon per transaction for 40% off of one item that were valid starting the next day! Hehe.

Sunday after church, my parents, Matthew and I went to Michael's and bought 4 more vases, using the coupons. Each for $6.54. We all got more coupons too! For each transaction we got another 40% off one item coupon. Matthew and my dad ended up buying the vases and then buying some chocolates, so they each got 2 coupons. Then I bought some chocolates and got another coupon. THEN my dad found a poster on clearance (right next to the door) that he wanted and he got yet ANOTHER coupon! We ended up with 8 coupons for 40% off one item. YAY!

Much Love,